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iPhone7 play magnetic shielding magnetic member industry usher in a new power

Add Time:2016-06-29

Apple has not officially released the new preliminary, always accompanied by a variety of rumors. Recently, the prevalence of rumors about iPhone7 addition to cancel 3.5mm standard headphone jack, steering outside with new Bluetooth wireless headset wife, Apple will use a new electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding technology.

The so-called electromagnetic interference, refers to the performance of the device is affected by electromagnetic phenomena, so that the signal output of the phenomenon and the theoretical error. All current smart phones can not avoid electromagnetic interference, and this phenomenon will affect your phone's signal. In electronic components, often utilize technology to reduce electromagnetic interference shielding devices.

In iphone7 / 7plus, Apple plans to add a key component of shielding electromagnetic interference, most major chip device independent electromagnetic interference shielding to reduce electromagnetic waves emitted from the phone, reduce radiation, while maintaining stable performance. In addition, separate EMI shielding can be more sophisticated but also more densely placed on the board, which will make the device thinner, or increase the battery capacity.

Electromagnetic interference shielding technology specific operation is not currently known, but according to past "magnetic shield" technology used in the method has a high magnetic permeability magnetic material made into a ring or closed elements to shift out of its proximity to the magnetic field lines to achieve the purpose of Select vital materials. A material having a high magnetic permeability nickel-iron alloy, permalloy will often use them.

In recent years, "Signal allergy" This new disease frequently appear in people's vision, the harm caused by mobile phone radiation on the human body more and more people's attention, including smartphones electronic products have in the "anti-radiation interference "micro-innovation has made to eliminate consumer fears of radiation. As a key component of smart phones electronic components naturally also need to make improvements in the "magnetic shield", the electromagnetic interference to a minimum.

Apple, with its enormous influence in the sales, technical, and other aspects of the brand, the first application of this "magnetic shield" technology in the future will gradually be applied to other mobile phones, is becoming standard in smart phones, which is bound to increase the magnetic magnetic shielding devices and needs, and add new impetus to the components industry.


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