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RES declared rare earth separation operating costs can counterbalance China

Add Time:2016-06-29

Forefront of industry news, Rare Earth Salts (RES), a leading US Beatrice Municipal minerals and Applied Technologies announced today that it has used its proprietary technology, the successful completion of a large-scale separation of rare earth elements on purification and commercial elements of the test.

"This achievement represents an important milestone in the RES," Dr. Joseph Brewer, CEO of RES said. "We have obtained from our commercial scale unit enough data effectively eliminates any and all technical problems scalability. Considering the modular nature of our process, we are very confident our technology can already initial production will show us and China compared favorably capacity.

 "Our commercial-scale data to improve efficiency, based on our previous scaling components on improved performance, and allow us calmly to show significantly lower than the cost of separating China to 99.9% purity, Dr. Brewer added." "Rare earth industry has ushered in a difficult market challenges. Over the years, our belief is to technological innovation as the Western companies to achieve profitability, and directly compete with their Chinese counterparts. We believe our technology offers the potential to achieve on behalf of a fundamental shift in the rare earth industry solutions. "

This process has been tested on samples from five continents, including more than a dozen different geological ore types, using the original head ore, tailings reprocessing, as well as recycled materials. Environmentally friendly process to recover and reuse nearly all of the supplies that the RES show the industry's lowest operating costs.


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