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2016 exports of rare earth Baotou welcome

Add Time:2016-06-29

BEIJING, March 1 Hohhot Power (black Yao Lei) 1, 2009, Customs announced Hohhot, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in January 2016 rose sharply Baotou Rare Earth exports, total exports of rare earths than the same period last year (the same below) increased 226.9% .

Inner Mongolia is a province of China Rare Earth, and located in the city of Baotou Bayan Obo iron, niobium, rare earth deposits in symbiosis, not only rare earth reserves in the world, and high REE contents, variety, of great industrial value. Recently, the Chinese Ministry of Land Resources 2016 Annual China issued the first batch of rare earth ore (rare earth oxides REO) mining total control index totaled 52,500 tons, with one of the six Group China Baotou Rare Earth Group was 29,750 tons production index total volume control more than half of the index.

Hohhot According to customs statistics, in January 2016, total exports of rare earth Baotou 424.7 tons, an increase of 226.9 percent over last year (the same below); the value of 14.87 million yuan (RMB), an increase of 137.9%.

Hohhot Customs also released news that, since January 2015, China formally abolished rare earth export quota management, the implementation of the export license management. In order to adapt policy changes on the rare earth export markets, the impact of Baotou rare earth export enterprises to actively accelerate technology transition, rare earth research and development of high value-added new products, open up new areas of application of rare earth, adhere to the variety and quality of competitive differentiation route, to a certain extent on exports of rare earths to produce a facilitating role.


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